3rd Grade is:


Developing the ability to look for alternative answers

Acting responsibly / Acquiring more responsibilities

Becoming more independent

Becoming more self‑conscious about Alooks@

Increasing bicycle / skateboard / safety concerns

Breaking down activities / challenges into smaller parts

Changing interest in work / school / personal life

Changing maturity

Coming up against brick walls ‑ loosening bricks

Dealing with cursive handwriting / Learning to write legibly and neatly

Including more details in sentences

Exploring divergent thinking

Earning the responsibility of being home without the dreaded

Expanding upon / developing outside / extra curricular interests

Finding ways of getting unstuck

Getting grades

Getting help but doing it themselves!

Participating more in group work

Growing intellectually

Becoming more or less organization

Having more opportunities to help others

Having more responsibilities with younger siblings / children

Having increased need for health / drug awareness

Learning how to handle increased peer pressure

Having more lessons (swimming, music, other sports)

Not being primary anymore!

Problem solving / Report writing

Sensing frustration

Setting the groundwork for the successful transformation through

Having to deal with sleep‑overs

Socially ‑ Getting Along, Working in Groups,

Spending more time with older children (students)

Needing better study habits / skills / Needing a quiet place to study

Having technology opportunities (computer, Nintendo, etc.)

Testing the resolve of authority

Having to think more before acting

Needing better time organization / management skills

Seeing more of the big picture

Trying / Trying new things even though at first frustrating

Using Alarger@ words

Working cooperatively / sharing answers

Working on following directions