Dear Parents & Families,


Many have asked about ideas for items which could be donated to our classroom.  This always is much appreciated.  The following is a list of suggestions for things which we could use in our classroom throughout the school year.  Thank you from both the students and me to those of you who already have sent things, and in advance to those of you who will send items during the school year.


Suggestions for Items to Donate to the Class


Rubber Recess Balls

Glue Sticks

Pencils / Erasers

Facial Tissues

Paper Towels

Zip Lock Bags

Handy Wipes

Liquid Soap

Antibacterial Hand Liquid

Simple Green Cleaner

Rainy Day Games


Sets for 20 Students

( colored pencils, stickers, markers, crayons )


( copy, colored, art )


Anything else which you think might be useful.



Thank you sincerely,